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Taking out insurance when renting a car is crucial, but there are different plans available to suit your needs, from reduced excess to no excess at all.

The following protection plans are available:

Basic Protection

This will protect you against theft of the vehicle, as well as any damage caused by collision or attempted theft. It’s mandatory, so is often included in rental rates.

This plan gives you partial protection – the excess amount will vary depending on the vehicle category and the country you are renting your vehicle in.

Medium Protection

As well as protection against theft and damage caused by collision, this will cover you for damage to the windshield, mirrors, headlights and tires, as well as personal injury to both drivers and passengers.

With Medium Protection, the excess amount is reduced.

Premium Car Rental Protection

This is the highest level of protection. It covers everything mentioned in Medium Protection, but personal effects are also covered. There are restrictions on certain vehicles – so please ask for more information when booking.

With Premium Protection, the excess amount can be reduced to zero.

Our car rental insurance plans give you:


To book this service, please contact us at reservations@europcar.rs or +381 11 785 2820.